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Why Us?


It's convenient. We do all the photography, writing, listing, email and phone call answering, payment processing, packing and shipping. 


You want to present the best pictures for your auction that you possibly can and a good image can go a long way toward dispelling any doubts a prospective buyer might have about your item!


We have an excellent "buyer feedback" rating that will give your item or vehicle credibility during the auction.

Just like any consignment business, ez-Sold Auction takes care of the entire transaction, but unlike a standard consignment store, ez-Sold Auction will sell your stuff just in 7 days! In addition to the standard steps in selling things on eBay, ez-Sold Auction conducts a supply and demand analysis on each and every product in order to determine the best selling strategy possible. We will share this with you so you can understand some of the reasons why ez-Sold Auction is so successful in selling things at for the highest price possible.


We are experienced eBay auctioneers who know how to avoid phony bidders and online scams.

Everyone says, “You should sell it on eBay”, but you just don't have the time to figure it all out. ez-Sold Auction makes it easy!


It's confidential, . Selling things on eBay requires private information about the seller including such things as bank account numbers. ez-Sold Auction does not post any of your information. The buyer and eBay will only see ez-Sold Auction contact information.